Personal Injury & Civil Litigation

The Law Offices of Allmeroth and Garner have been aggressively protecting our civil clients for more than 25 years. Our practice covers a broad range of civil representation. It is our core belief that a claim for personal injury may be vigorously pursued without sacrificing the dignity and integrity of the client.

Our firm’s personal injury practice focuses on all varieties of injury-related civil litigation, with a special emphasis on auto collisions. In over thirty years of practice, our firm has consistently delivered settlements and verdicts which compensate our clients for property damage, medical expenses, and pain and suffering associated with injuries caused by the wrongful act of another. Injured individuals who lack access to medical care are able to have their injuries attended to by physicians who will wait to be compensated until the conclusion of the case.

The firm is also well experienced in various types of dispute resolution. Although civil litigation can frequently lead to a formal jury trial, the firm can also guide and counsel our clients through arbitration, mediation, administrative hearings and informal case settlement. Our Civil Litigation practice uses proven methods to get the very best results for our clients.